In order to protect the security of this site and merchant software(Referred to as "this software use and service", The following "license of this software and service" should be read (Referred to as "The Software or Agreement"). You need to fully understand the content of the terms, in particular terms of service and restrictions and a separate agreement for each term, accept or not accept responsibility for.
If you are over 18 years old, As our user, it means that you have read and agreed to the agreement and related terms. If you are under 18 years old, please read carefully the "Children's Privacy Protection" in the privacy protection regulations of this site. Otherwise, you have no right to download, install software and enjoy services.

1. Personal Data Protection
1.1 Protecting user personal data and merchant data is the basic principle of our platform, Propane will use professional encrypted storage and transmission channels for all data to protect our users. If it is published without the original consent, our platform will take legal action.
1.2 In the process of using our service, users need to provide some necessary information,for example: for account registration or user identification, the user is required to fill in the mobile phone number and agree to the relevant terms of use, The mobile phone function requires the user to authorize the use of the mobile phone address book, etc. If the country stipulates or has special regulations, users must provide real identity information. If the information is incomplete, it may be restricted during use.
1.3 In general, users can modify the submitted materials at any time. Based on considerations of security and identification (such as retrieving account services), users may not be able to modify personal information at will after registration.
1.4 Various security technologies, programs and a comprehensive management system are used to protect user personal information. Any use or unauthorized use will face legal prosecution. The new Propane account and existing one, the final registered mobile phone number of the Propane account is not allowed to be modified at will.
1.5 In any case without the agreement of the user, Propane will not disclose user information to companies and personal organizations outside it.
1.6 Persons under the age of 18 need to obtain written information from their parents or law enforcement officers before using the services of this site.

2. User Responsibility
2.1 Users need to complete a set of all tasks improvements before they can apply for withdrawal.
2.2 Withdraw is not allow before complete the tasks.
2.3 Users cannot cancel or skip the tasks.
2.4 Withdrawals with more than 400,000 funds in the user account need to advance 30% of the withdrawal fee, and the fee will be refunded to the user immediately after the withdrawal is received.
2.5 For the safety of all merchants and users, according to the USA Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, if the account funds exceed 50K USDT, users need to pay a deposit when they apply for withdrawal, and the deposit will be refunded after 3 days of withdrawal!

3. Terms and Conditions
3.1 Agreement: The user contract and service terms shall be based on the fee terms and conditions stipulated on the account, and the user shall provide relevant information and documents to this site, and the user shall be an attachment to the contract terms.
3.2 Our site provides services for all users according to the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or other important inquiries, please contact the department for feedback.
3.3 The terms of this site are implemented in accordance with the USA trade agreement, and all terms and treaties are protected by USA laws. If any user maliciously breaches the contract, this site will reserve legal action.
3.4 Our site has the right to modify all standard terms and non-standard terms, and the final interpretation right belongs to this site.